#8 Avondale Brewery

Dang, y’all. I have to get busy with my bucket list!

I’m here to report on # 8, Avondale Brewery. My friend Anne-Marie takes friends to Avondale Brewery (amazing idea) when they come to town, and was so sweet to invite me to join her, her boyfriend Ryan and their friends from Auburn one weekend a while back. To say it was amazing is a bit of an understatement. Beer, live music, an outdoor patio and amazing BBQ just a few doors down = Heaven. I’m currently looking for apartments in the area. No, just kidding…that would be dangerous.


Me and AM. The gentleman we asked to take our picture was struggling.


Yum! Spring Street Saison is the bee’s knees (elephant’s knees?). #trunksup

After we hung around at Avondale for a while, we decided to venture over to Good People for one more drink.


I don’t remember what the name of this one was, but I assure you it was awesome.image


The ladies.

Want to come visit? Please do. We’ll grab a drink!

My Birmingham Bucket List:

  1. 16th Street Baptist Church
  2. Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame
  3. Alabama Sports Hall of Fame
  4. Alabama Symphony Orchestra
  5. Alabama Theatre
  6. Aldridge Gardens
  7. American Village
  8. Avondale Brewery
  9. Birmingham Museum of Art
  10. Birmingham History Center
  11. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
  12. Birmingham Railroad Park
  13. Birmingham Rights Heritage Trail
  14. Irondale Cafe
  15. Kelly Ingram Park
  16. Moonlight on the Mountain
  17. Moss Rock Preserve
  18. Lover’s Leap
  19. Oak Mountain State Park
  20. The Peanut Depot
  21. Pepper Place Saturday Market
  22. Red Mountain Park
  23. Regions Field
  24. Rickwood Field
  25. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park
  26. Sloss Furnaces
  27. The Vulcan