My Birmingham List: #17 Moss Rock Preserve and #18 Lover’s Leap

In looking up things to do around Birmingham I discovered that there is a place right down the street from me called Moss Rock Preserve. I called up Natalie and we decided to go on a Sunday afternoon. It was an amazing place! There were huge boulders to climb, hiking trails and even a waterfall. I could have stayed all day!

IMG_0230 IMG_0231


We took the long way home and ended up passing a historical marker on the side of one of the mountains in Birmingham (that has a breathtaking view). I am not one to pass up reading a historical marker, especially when it’s on the side of a cliff, so I insisted Natalie turn around and take me back. It turned out to be a Lover’s Leap. From what I’ve read (on Wikipedia), Lover’s Leap is “a toponym given to a number of locations of varying height, usually isolated, with the risk of a fatal fall and the possibility of a deliberate jump. Legends of romantic tragedy are often associated with a Lovers’ Leap.” The Lover’s Leap in Bluff Park has a replica of the first four lines of Lord Byron’s “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage,” that were inscribed into a rock in 1827 by Colonel Thomas W. Farrar.

To sit on the rocks, to muse o’er flood and fell

To slowly trace the forest’s shady scene

Where things that own not man’s dominion dwell

And mortal foot hath ne’er or rarely been.

Another story associated with Lover’s Leap is “an Indian brave, supposedly grown weary of the attentions of an Indian princess, took her to the high crest where he stabbed her with a bone knife. Suddenly stricken with remorse, he gathered her in his arms and leaped off the bluff.” –From

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My Birmingham Bucket List:

  1. 16th Street Baptist Church
  2. Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame
  3. Alabama Sports Hall of Fame
  4. Alabama Symphony Orchestra
  5. Alabama Theatre
  6. Aldridge Gardens
  7. American Village
  8. Avondale Brewery
  9. Birmingham Museum of Art
  10. Birmingham History Center
  11. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
  12. Birmingham Railroad Park
  13. Birmingham Rights Heritage Trail
  14. Irondale Cafe
  15. Kelly Ingram Park
  16. Moonlight on the Mountain
  17. Moss Rock Preserve
  18. Lover’s Leap
  19. Oak Mountain State Park
  20. The Peanut Depot
  21. Pepper Place Saturday Market
  22. Red Mountain Park
  23. Regions Field
  24. Rickwood Field
  25. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park
  26. Sloss Furnaces
  27. The Vulcan

The Neighb

I always say that my life experiences, if compiled, would make a great book-turned-movie… 

Some background: I have this neighbor. We ended up meeting and introducing ourselves because I thought he was abusing someone in his apartment, so I told my landlord. Turns out it wasn’t him, and we became friends…or sort of.

Our friendship started with text messages. Pretty typical–we both work full-time, and I’m never home, so it’s really all there was. Several days after we started texting each other, I proposed we get drinks sometime. He agreed.

Naturally, I felt it was best to follow-up for drinks, so several days later I asked if he’d be up for a drink after work. Kicker: he couldn’t… his girlfriend was coming over.

I thought it was a little strange that someone with a girlfriend waited so long to tell me, but I shrugged it off and went on with my life.

Here’s where it gets juicy: Last Wednesday (about a month later) he sent me a message– he and his girlfriend broke up, so we were on for drinks! I thought it was a little weird, but with lots of encouragement from friends, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give him a fair chance in person…. (Clearly my friends hate me and my decision-making skills are severely lacking.)

Fast forward to Saturday… he somehow manages to tell me he’s super attracted to me, has been since he met me, and wants to take me out. I’m skeptical at this point, and assure him all he is looking for is a rebound. Before I know it, he’s on his way home and wants to see me tonight. I’m crazy, so I agree to it.

He had been drinking, and asked me three times how old I was. Finally after an hour of uncomfortably answering the same questions several times, I told him I needed to head to bed. He stood up and hovered. I assumed he would probably just stand there until the world ended, he passed out, or I hugged him, so I took one for the team and hugged him with the old one-arm-we’re-just-friends-and-you-won’t-let-me-go embrace. And then, to cap it all off, as if my hug wasn’t enough, he asked me for a kiss. (My theory is if you have to ask, it isn’t happenin’, pal.) My only wish at that moment was to see the look on my face.

Here’s where I start laughing:  Sunday rolled around, and I wasn’t sure if he would even remember our conversation. Unfortunately, he did, and assured me he still wanted to take me out. I am…or was… a believer in second chances, so I told him that sounded nice.

Last night, a mere 24 hours later, I asked him if he was interested in getting a quick drink. (Why I’m still trying to be this guy’s friend, I don’t know.) Of course he wasn’t. He followed my drink offer with a text, “Random question. Do you believe in second chances? My ex is coming over tomorrow so we can talk about things.”

My response… “Honestly, after everything you’ve told me, I cannot  believe you just asked me that.” He then tried to play it off as if I was the one that started it all. He was appreciative I was so interested in him, but he needed to “work on himself” and still hoped we could be friends.

PSH. Girl, puh-lease.

Friends don’t turn friends down for drinks.

A Special Year in My Photography Career

Although I don’t take pictures nearly as much as I did in college, this year I was blessed with the opportunity to take engagement photos and wedding photos for some of my very dear friends in Columbus. I was a little nervous, because engagement pictures and wedding pictures  you live with for the rest of your life!

Emily & Matt

Emily and I work together, and we always talked about and wondered when Matt might pop the question. I sure won’t ever forget the day that she came into work with a huge smile on her face and a beautiful ring on her finger. I screamed, she laughed, and we spent most of the morning chatting (and of course got tons of work done)!








Kylie & Jeff

Kylie and I also work together. Short of the long, she’s a big part of the reason I’m now in Columbus. She hired me for the internship and was my boss last summer. This fall she asked me to photograph her wedding and my response was, “but…are you sure?” Somehow she convinced me, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. (Note: I would never photograph another wedding for fear of bride/groomzilla. Kylie and Jeff are fun to be around and very laid back. They were the lucky winners of my one time deal.)