The Neighb

I always say that my life experiences, if compiled, would make a great book-turned-movie… 

Some background: I have this neighbor. We ended up meeting and introducing ourselves because I thought he was abusing someone in his apartment, so I told my landlord. Turns out it wasn’t him, and we became friends…or sort of.

Our friendship started with text messages. Pretty typical–we both work full-time, and I’m never home, so it’s really all there was. Several days after we started texting each other, I proposed we get drinks sometime. He agreed.

Naturally, I felt it was best to follow-up for drinks, so several days later I asked if he’d be up for a drink after work. Kicker: he couldn’t… his girlfriend was coming over.

I thought it was a little strange that someone with a girlfriend waited so long to tell me, but I shrugged it off and went on with my life.

Here’s where it gets juicy: Last Wednesday (about a month later) he sent me a message– he and his girlfriend broke up, so we were on for drinks! I thought it was a little weird, but with lots of encouragement from friends, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give him a fair chance in person…. (Clearly my friends hate me and my decision-making skills are severely lacking.)

Fast forward to Saturday… he somehow manages to tell me he’s super attracted to me, has been since he met me, and wants to take me out. I’m skeptical at this point, and assure him all he is looking for is a rebound. Before I know it, he’s on his way home and wants to see me tonight. I’m crazy, so I agree to it.

He had been drinking, and asked me three times how old I was. Finally after an hour of uncomfortably answering the same questions several times, I told him I needed to head to bed. He stood up and hovered. I assumed he would probably just stand there until the world ended, he passed out, or I hugged him, so I took one for the team and hugged him with the old one-arm-we’re-just-friends-and-you-won’t-let-me-go embrace. And then, to cap it all off, as if my hug wasn’t enough, he asked me for a kiss. (My theory is if you have to ask, it isn’t happenin’, pal.) My only wish at that moment was to see the look on my face.

Here’s where I start laughing:  Sunday rolled around, and I wasn’t sure if he would even remember our conversation. Unfortunately, he did, and assured me he still wanted to take me out. I am…or was… a believer in second chances, so I told him that sounded nice.

Last night, a mere 24 hours later, I asked him if he was interested in getting a quick drink. (Why I’m still trying to be this guy’s friend, I don’t know.) Of course he wasn’t. He followed my drink offer with a text, “Random question. Do you believe in second chances? My ex is coming over tomorrow so we can talk about things.”

My response… “Honestly, after everything you’ve told me, I cannot  believe you just asked me that.” He then tried to play it off as if I was the one that started it all. He was appreciative I was so interested in him, but he needed to “work on himself” and still hoped we could be friends.

PSH. Girl, puh-lease.

Friends don’t turn friends down for drinks.


Tuesday Highlights

Today, the high point of my day was a social media luncheon I attended. It got me pumped up about social media, my life, and generally brightens my whole day. Lucky for me, when I came out of the luncheon, it had stopped raining, the sun was out, and it was warm. Very unlike January in Columbus, OH, but whatever…I’ll take it.

I got back to my desk, and this is what I saw:

working desk

Yep, that’s a working desk. Look at all those papers strewn about! It made me smile. It made me thankful to be busy. It made me thankful to have a job that I love. It was such a wonderful thing to come back to! It was a highlight on top of a highlight. That’s right, people, my whole day has been a ray of sunshine!

December Resolutions, The Complete Version

You might have read my previous resolutions post, about a month ago. You might not have, and that’s ok, too. Anyway, I’m back to report the final list. I have one year to fulfill these December resolutions and goals, and this year it’s on like Donkey Kong.

December 1: Ride in a hot air balloon (left over from 2011)

December 2: Get back on top of my personal social media presences. Blog twice a week at minimum!

December 3: Write a letter to someone I haven’t spoken to in a while.

December 4: Read a book. Fiction is preferred…

December 5: Go ice skating at lunch.

December 6: Treat others extra-special. Smile.

December 7: Run a 5k.

December 8: Figure out my 401k

December 9: Stress less. Life works out.

December 10: Have more fun

December 11: Travel somewhere new

December 12: Take people up on offers to help with various things (I’m bad about saying I can just do it myself).

December 13: Exercise more often, but for health instead of weight loss

December 14: Be more open-minded

December 15: Participate in an organization’s philanthropy efforts

December 16: Be more energized

December 17: Have my palm read

December 18: Paint more

December 19: Take more pictures. Have more pictures printed.

December 20: Dance like no one’s watching

December 21: Treat myself to something special once a month (movie, art museum, dinner)

December 22: Drink more water

December 23: Instead of getting upset, pause and try to laugh

December 24: Organize closets

December 25: Visit the library more

December 26: Donate to causes I want to support

December 27: Don’t go grocery shopping without a list

December 28: Say “thank you” more

December 29: Splurge on good coffee

December 30: Be more dedicated to things I’m involved in

December 31: Say “I love you” more


I’ve received much advice about men lately. Most of it for a special occasion, but some just general advice as well.  My favorites:

“You have to make your own magic, Claire. You can’t just stand around waiting for something to happen. There aren’t little mice in your closet waiting to sew you a dress.”

“Honey, nobody is gonna’ kick your door down to see who is on the other side…..”

“Friend: I haven’t coached you enough…if you’re on the phone hang up. Say you have someone else calling or some other excuse. Leave him wanting more.  ” (Of course my response was, “Should I not mention cats?”) Hahaha….

Points if you can guess who the advice is from!