#23 Regions Field

I finally made it to a Birmingham Barons game last week. And whoa baby, talk about fun. I met up with some friends from school and we had a blast! Regions Field is brand spankin new, and really nice. I’m fairly certain that everyone under the age of 35 in Birmingham was at the game. It was like a flash back to school.


Featuring: Anne-Marie and me!


Our group

I had so much fun with my friends that when I left, I wasn’t even sure what the score was. And I might have had to ask which team was which. Whoops!

My Birmingham Bucket List:

  1. 16th Street Baptist Church
  2. Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame
  3. Alabama Sports Hall of Fame
  4. Alabama Symphony Orchestra
  5. Alabama Theatre
  6. Aldridge Gardens
  7. American Village
  8. Avondale Brewery
  9. Birmingham Museum of Art
  10. Birmingham History Center
  11. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
  12. Birmingham Railroad Park
  13. Birmingham Rights Heritage Trail
  14. Irondale Cafe
  15. Kelly Ingram Park
  16. Moonlight on the Mountain
  17. Moss Rock Preserve
  18. Lover’s Leap
  19. Oak Mountain State Park
  20. The Peanut Depot
  21. Pepper Place Saturday Market
  22. Red Mountain Park
  23. Regions Field
  24. Rickwood Field
  25. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park
  26. Sloss Furnaces
  27. The Vulcan

One thought on “#23 Regions Field

  1. Excellent pictures…and I am so glad you are enjoying living in Birmingham…enjoy your youth while you can. I hope the Alabama Theater still has their organ. First time, I went to that theater, I did not know about the organ and it scared me! I also remember that visit because friend and I had been shopping, in high heels of course, and by the time, we got to theater and sat down, my feet hurt so bad, i was afraid to take off my shoes for fear that I would not be able to get them back on. Love, GM

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