The Month of February

“you did not have 1 blog post during February…just saying…”

Straight up called out.

I know…I know…I’m not very diligent anymore. I occasionally have things to write about, but when it’s suddenly 11:30 and I know I’m getting up at 5:00 am…let’s just say the urge to blog is the last thing I am really feeling.

To start, we can go back to the story of why I didn’t blog in February….

Once upon a time, there was a princess girl who moved 500 miles away from everyone she knew. It was fun, and she had good friends in this new land, but she had to learn to take care of things by herself. She had it easy for a while…but then one day she had a tire problem. She took it to her trusty mechanic and asked him what the problem was. His news wasn’t very good. The back tires on the carriage Alteema were very worn, to the point of being dangerous to drive on! They were cupping, and one even had a bare spot! The mechanic warned the girl that she was an interstate away from a blowout. The tires needed replacing immediately. Before she could even ask questions, the mechanic had an estimate for new tires + service. Only a cool $400.

Fast forward several weeks. The girl is now dealing with the Nissan dealership 500 miles away, who originally sold the tires that hadn’t lasted as long as they were supposed to. They give the poor girl the runaround for a week. Her father calls and instantly everything is easily solved. They say only the tire manufacturer can handle the situation. The tire manufacturer sends her to a different mechanic (tired yet?) for a “warranty inspection.” The mechanic laughs…there is no problem! The girl can get many more miles from these tires. the mechanic shows the girl her tires, shows her what the problems would look like if there were any, and says all she really needs is an alignment.

The girl was furious. She had been taken for a fool! She had a right mind to go back to the first mechanic and have him show her the problems. And that’s exactly what she did…

And it went a little something like this…

Girl: “Hi! Before I buy tires, I was hoping you could put my car on the lift and show me the bald spot and the cupping. I would like to know what to look for next time.”

Evil Mechanic: “Oh sure! Let me have a guy put it up and we’ll walk back together.”

Evil Mechanic: “Now, you probably won’t be able to see or feel this bare spot. It’s sometimes hard for normal people to feel.” (Um, really dude? I’ve been feeling things for 25 years now…)

Girl: “Ok, well show me the cupping…”

EM: “…”

Girl: “So there’s no cupping, and I can’t feel the bare spot… Now tell me one more thing…how dangerous is it to drive on these tires?”

EM: “Oh, you should be fine. It might just vibrate some.”

Girl: RAGE

And that, my friends, was the story of the month of February.


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