Ice, Ice Baby

Saturday night, Libbi, Henry and I decided to go to Adult Skate Night at the ice rink downtown. We weren’t sure exactly what adult skate meant, but I assured them it would be 18 and over so we wouldn’t have to worry about kids falling in front of us and tripping us on the ice.

And do I wish that had been my only worry…

Couples skate!

We arrived at 10:30, to find that Team Youth Group had already shown up. These were the  barely 17 & 18 year olds whose group director probably wished he was at home in bed. Team Youth Group took up both boxes, as well as sat on the side of the wall. Only four of the 30 skated, which really just consisted of three guys seeing who could slide the farthest on the ice and one guy awkwardly skating around the rink and pretend falling. TYG also had a fake proposal in the middle of the ice. So romantic

Libbi had the moves like Jagger

In addition to TYG, Team Mighty Ducks beat us to the ice. These two older men clearly had a lot going on, and they liked to show us by skating around the rink at warp speeds. They would go all Michelle Kwan at some points in their routine and skate backwards around the circle in the middle of the ice. Boy was it impressive! TMD followed each other around all night. It was so tempting to accidentally fall in front of them, but alas, I was really trying hard to stay upright on my skates.

Skating around on ice seems cool, but I decided around 11:00 that I was getting hot!  I took off my scarf and trotted out to the benches where we left our shoes, and discovered that Team Abercrombie had arrived. (Just like those Abercrombie kids to want to make an awesome entrance, right?) Of course they were dressed all Abercrombie-ish and were calm, cool and collected (unlike me, who was sweaty and trying to walk through the lobby on ice skates). I might have judged this group a bit in my mind when I thought that it would be funny to watch them skate…and I was right. Blonde Abercrombie was fabulous skater. He tried to teach Awkward Girl Abercrombie how to skate. Instead, AGA just hopped around on the ice. Brunette Skinny Jeans Abercrombie was a really good friend. He stayed with Tiny Dress Abercrombie (seriously, who wears a dress to ice skate?) and they talked about grosgrain ribbon the whole time.

The rink

All in all, it was a great time. I got a chance to work on my triple axle, watch fabulous skaters and spend time with some wonderful friends. Perfect way to spend a Saturday night, I’d say!


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