December Resolutions, The Complete Version

You might have read my previous resolutions post, about a month ago. You might not have, and that’s ok, too. Anyway, I’m back to report the final list. I have one year to fulfill these December resolutions and goals, and this year it’s on like Donkey Kong.

December 1: Ride in a hot air balloon (left over from 2011)

December 2: Get back on top of my personal social media presences. Blog twice a week at minimum!

December 3: Write a letter to someone I haven’t spoken to in a while.

December 4: Read a book. Fiction is preferred…

December 5: Go ice skating at lunch.

December 6: Treat others extra-special. Smile.

December 7: Run a 5k.

December 8: Figure out my 401k

December 9: Stress less. Life works out.

December 10: Have more fun

December 11: Travel somewhere new

December 12: Take people up on offers to help with various things (I’m bad about saying I can just do it myself).

December 13: Exercise more often, but for health instead of weight loss

December 14: Be more open-minded

December 15: Participate in an organization’s philanthropy efforts

December 16: Be more energized

December 17: Have my palm read

December 18: Paint more

December 19: Take more pictures. Have more pictures printed.

December 20: Dance like no one’s watching

December 21: Treat myself to something special once a month (movie, art museum, dinner)

December 22: Drink more water

December 23: Instead of getting upset, pause and try to laugh

December 24: Organize closets

December 25: Visit the library more

December 26: Donate to causes I want to support

December 27: Don’t go grocery shopping without a list

December 28: Say “thank you” more

December 29: Splurge on good coffee

December 30: Be more dedicated to things I’m involved in

December 31: Say “I love you” more


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