Lessons in Judgement

I’m accepting, I love people who are different from me, I try not to judge and stereotype.

But I’m also completely scared of everything. Driving too fast, walking around alone at night…you name it, chances are I’ve worried about it.

So I’m driving back to Ohio from Alabama just the other day when a grungy (long hair, no shower) scary looking man gets beside me. Of course I’m alone and on the interstate and immediately start imagining the worst. He’s waving his arms, trying to get me to roll down my window, yelling at me, and he won’t speed up or slow down. I try to ignore him which makes him scream and point and swerve the truck even more. I’m literally on the verge of tears by the time he finally decides to leave me alone. I calm down a little bit and realize that there’s another car right next to me. I quickly look over to see the driver is a woman (not so grungy and definitely showered) and she’s motioning something to me. As it turns out, I pumped gas and left my gas tank open.

Judge much?


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