December Resolutions

I’m not really one for making New Years resolutions. If I was, it would probably just be something so big and overwhelming that I would “forget” about it by January 7. No, I’m a small-parts-make-a-whole kind of person. This is why last year I chose to make December resolutions. A New Years resolution is really just something that’s supposed to ultimately make you happy, change your life for the better, etc. December resolutions are small resolutions I make each day in December. Nothing overwhelming, just things that will contribute to my happiness in the coming year.

In 2011, the only resolution that didn’t actually happen was to ride in a hot air balloon. (I’ve got a few weeks left–Christmas present, hint hint!) It will become my resolution for December 1.

December 2: Get back on top of my personal social media presences. Blog twice a week at minimum!

December 3: Write a letter to someone I haven’t spoken to in a while.

December 4: Read a book. Fiction is preferred…

December 5: Go ice skating at lunch.

December 6: Treat others extra-special. Remember to smile.

December 7: Run a 5k.

December 8: Figure out the details associated with my 401k

Guess I’ll be back soon to update my list!


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