Adventures in Jogging

Friday night while I was out for a jog, I was almost beat up by an old lady.

Yep, an old lady.

I was on the busiest street in Grandview… It’s very well-lit, and there’s always traffic (hence the reason I was wrogging there at night). While in the process of passing her, she jumped off the sidewalk and threw her arms up in the air and started screaming at me that she thought I was a burglar. On a very well light, high-traffic street. I took out my headphones and apologized for scaring her, then quickly continued to the corner of the street. She was serious about being scared, because she ran and followed me, tapped me on the shoulder, and proceeded to explain and exhibit how she “would kick a burglar in the SHINS!”

jog= the walk, run, jog dance I do around Columbus. It goes a little something like this:



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