social media

So, guilty as charged, I haven’t been updating lately. I’ve been a little busy! After doing a little switcheroo, and getting a new title at work (social media, yay!) I’ve spent most of my time writing tweets, blog posts, Facebook posts and just doing the whole….”hm, how does this work” thing. It’s so much fun, but I’ve left little time for my little personal blog to be updated 🙂

So, I have two questions for you, my dear faithful readers.

1. I’ve been trying to get in to Google+. I’m trying to figure out what it’s all about, how it works, if it’s even worth it. I know Facebook started small, too, but I’m just not really diggin’ it yet. Is it because all of my friends aren’t participating? I would love to hear your thoughts!

2. I’ve been thinking about going back to school to take a few marketing classes. I should have done the minor while I was still in school, but I let my advisor talk me out of it. Is it worth it? I don’t really use my degree now (that’s my fault). Thoughts? Suggestions?


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