This is hard…

Apparently, life has a habit of getting in the way. Just a few updates:

Haha, literally updated : ) Now I can post from my personal computer again! Unfortunately, I hadn’t been good about keeping the old Macbook’s operating system up to date. It was having trouble with WordPress. (This is the real reason I’ve been so bad at blogging!)

I went to the first movie of the CAPA Summer Movie Series: The Wizard of Oz. It was at The Ohio Theatre, which is amazing on the outside, and (as you can tell) just as amazing on the inside. I had a hard time concentrating because of all the spectacular details. There was even an organist playing as we walked in..wonderful!

In the same weekend, I also marched in the Pride Parade. This was quite a new experience for me. Pride Parades are not common where I’m from, and while I wasn’t at all hesitant to march, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was overcome with more emotion than I thought I would be, and it turned out to be much more wonderful than I imagined! It was hard to describe to people (not in Columbus) what the parade was really all about and why we were marching. My friend Farrah described it best in her blog. “We march for our many friends who have to hide their lifestyle and are afraid to march in public for fear of losing their jobs, friends and families. We march in their place to show that we love them and want to educate the world to change its prejudices. ”

There was color every where… Everywhere…


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