Are you thirsty?

Yes. I am. And by thirsty, I don’t mean the kind of thirst that the Brita filtered pitcher in my fridge can help fix.

I may sometimes be a “grass-is-always-greener” kind of person. Friends, boyfriend, camera, computer, moving to Ohio (the grass isn’t green here–it’s covered under too much snow!), job, new makeup, haircut, weight loss…are all examples of just a FEW things I’ve thought would be fulfilling things. And to some extent, they are. But shoot, I couldn’t even be completely happy with my studies in school. It’s kind of a miracle that I ended up just finishing in four years with an actual degree and didn’t change it a million times like I wanted to. It’s taken me a while to figure out why I do this. I know the answer probably should have come to me sooner, because it seems like I’m always antsy to find something better and more fulfilling.

The past few Sundays I’ve visited a church in Columbus. Actually, visiting might be glossing it over a little… I fought myself the whole way there, not wanting to go by myself (or at all really), but knowing that I should. This past Sunday, the sermon begged the question, “Are you thirsty?” At first I was unsure of where the minister was going.

I’m convinced that this thirst is in all of us. We are usually too preoccupied to notice it, but when we are quiet and still and alone, we feel it. It’s a restlessness – a dissatisfaction – a craving – an emptiness – a thirst.

Then I realized, she’s asking if we are thirsty for something more. Is there a hole that is un-fillable? My answer… yes. And I’ve been trying to fill it with things. No friend, boyfriend,  camera/computer/material thing, location, job, etc is ever going to fill that hole. I can keep “looking over my neighbor’s fence” to see what they have all day long, but chances are, it isn’t going to make me much happier. Several times the minister said, “Are you thirsty? Then you’ve come to the right place.”

And she was right.

Wanna listen or download the full sermon? Click here!

*All quotes from the sermon “Thirsty” by Rev. Amy Miracle.


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