the hipster

The term “hipster” is something I’ve sort of laughed at for a while now…. I know there are people out there who do sort of fit the bill, but none so obvious as the ones E and I ran in to tonight.

After E and I went to visit one of our friends, we realized on the way home (at 11 pm) that neither of us had eaten dinner. Also, we both wanted a hot dog. The obvious solution was to head downtown to Dirty Frank’s. Of course it was packed, so we had no choice but to sit at the bar. We were nearing the end of our meal when the first two hipsters walked in. They were obviously a couple. They had matching thick, black-rimmed glasses, and the guy had on a red and black plaid shirt. Both donned “effortlessly cool” skinny jeans, messy hair, sneakers and clever tattoos.

The waitress walked over and asked them what they wanted. I probably could have ordered for them before they opened their mouth. Something vegan and a PBR…right?

Much to my surprise, the guy ordered a “vegan [insert clever hot dog name], but with a bratwurst.”

Whoops…. I guess he didn’t get the whole vegan memo. The girl said she would have the same thing.

So then their hipster friends walk in. One of the hipster friends is wearing the same red and black plaid shirt as the first guy (and one of the hipster waitresses). He sat down and the waitress walked over and asked him what he’d have to drink. He responded with, “Hmmm… I’ll have to think about it…well, how about a PBR.” It’s a good thing we were leaving, because I couldn’t contain my laughter at this point…

Oh little hipster…you weren’t fooling anyone.


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