the moon

So I’ll admit, I’ve been a little homesick lately. This isn’t anything new… I experienced homesickness when I went to camp as a kid, on trips in high school, when I went to college and then when I moved so far away. It won’t kill me to be a little sick for home, and no, I’m not quitting my job and moving back.

Luckily, I get to talk to my parents every day (my mom multiple times a day…sorry mom!)

Tonight, I was at Caribou Coffee “studying” with A when my mom called. She said, “Dad wants you to go outside and tell us where the moon is. Is it straight above you or to the side?”

I immediately started laughing. While A is my friend, how do I tell her I need to get up from the table and go check out the moon’s position in the sky? The words wouldn’t come out of my mouth because I was laughing so hard… and so was my mom.

Soo anyway, I do it… I walk outside, still laughing, to report to my mom that the moon is right above me. I hear her yell to my dad, who I guess is outside at this point, “It’s right above her!”

Mom then says to me, “Dad says to tell you that we’re looking at the same moon in the same sky, so we can’t be very far away.”


3 thoughts on “the moon

  1. Check out Farrah’s blog – there’s a cute picture (or video?) of when Hattie discovered the moon. You both can have a “wook mommy, da moon!” moment together 🙂

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