I think a lot. I’m sure it’s partly because I’m getting older, partly because I don’t have tons of friends here to hang out with and distract me. I find myself daydreaming all the time (probably way too much).  Sometimes I think about the things I would tell myself as a Senior in high school, if I could. Funny  enough, I stumbled across 18 Things I Wish Someone had told me at 18.

Now don’t laugh, because I realize I’m not really THAT far away from 18, but in 5 years, I’ve learned a great deal!

A few of the things I wish I knew at 18, as quoted in his post:

1. Commit yourself to making lots of mistakes

2. Explore new ideas and opportunities often

3. People are not mind readers. Tell them what you are thinking.

4. Sit alone in silence at least 10 minutes every day

5. Excel at what you do.

A few more things I wish knew at 18, from my own brain, not someone else’s:

1. The people in your life that matter will work through any distance to remain your friend.

2. Do what you love. People might judge you, but it’s more than likely because they are jealous.

3. Laugh at yourself. Even if you just fell out of a charter bus in front of 75 people and bruised your ego worse than your back. People enjoy someone who can laugh.

4. Moving to a city where you know nothing and no one is scary, but it will be worth it in the end. Better to take risks and try new things than sit and wonder for the rest of your life.

5. Always stop to smell the roses. Listen to fun music, have a library card, dance and sing whenever you get the chance, etc, etc.


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