something ’bout a…

‘Southern Girl’, by Amos Lee might be one of my new favorite songs. (Thanks, E. And thanks, Amos. You’re right…there is something about a southern girl)

Now, in Alabama, it seems no one really cares about these “southern girls” (well, they do, just in a different way). In Ohio, it’s kind of a different story.

Let me tell you about one of my most recent outings…

Me (to server): May I please get my tab?

Guy in front of me : (Whips head around) Can I ask where you are from?

Me: Haha, Alabama. How’d  you know? (said with only the slightest hint of sarcasm)

Guy: Roll Tide!

Me: No, War Eagle. (Frustrated at this point that people always assume UAT)

Guy: Oh my gosh, an Auburn fan! I tell my best friend every year that Auburn is the best football team in the nation. I’m so glad this year they finally proved it!

Me: Thanks.

Guy: It’s so funny that we met. I always knew I was supposed to marry a southern girl. (Props to him for the most original pick-up line ever.)

Me: Is that so? How funny.

Guy: (Grabs my hand) Actually, I’ve always really loved Alabama girls. Man, those southern girls…Could I get your number so we can meet up again?

I can now list a marriage offer and a few free drinks on my list of things my southern accent has gotten me since I’ve been here. If it would only work with police officers, women, and to get out of things I didn’t really want to do…


One thought on “something ’bout a…

  1. Seriously, you and Em need to be keeping up with all of the funny and crazy things that happen to you while you are living in Ohio. Write them down!

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