plungers and such

Just as we thought we were in the “all clear” for awful things happening to our should-be-condemned apartment, we arrived home to find that our only toilet wouldn’t flush. To make things even more interesting, we tried to fix it ourselves. This resulted in our bathroom completely flooding. Thank goodness for the plastic sticky floor tiles that are coming up on the edges near the door–our carpet didn’t get wet in the hall. I will just allow you to think of the so very classy string of words that started flowing from my mouth (I apparently don’t control myself well in stressful situations). I’m positive that our duplex neighbors have really interesting conversations about what we might be doing. Anyway, we crammed in the bathroom, towels in hand, and mopped up all the water. (Not before it could leak through in to our kitchen.) Emily was all dressed up to go to a meeting. I was all dressed down to get in the bed and read. Instead, we spent our night with Kevin, the angel of a plumber who came over in a flash and told us all the stories of things he had pulled out of toilets (barbies, glasses, phones, etc.).

Oh, PS I went to Target to buy a plunger. All they had was a designer plunger for $20. If I ever see anyone with a designer plunger in their home, I will hit them in the face with it. That is absolutely the most wasteful thing I’ve ever heard of in my life.



3 thoughts on “plungers and such

  1. This is seriously not funny at all. A horrible situation that would cause me to say some not so lady like things myself. Yet, I find myself chuckling. I read it to Bryan and unfortunately, he is laughing as well. You too poor girls. I’m still waiting to know the cause of your incident. XO

  2. What’s so bad about designer plungers?? We all have our priorities. Maybe you could puffy paint it like all good sorority girls…

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