bieber fever

For the love of all that is good, someone please silence Justin Bieber.

As quoted in the January 24 issue of Us Weekly

Q: When do you find time to date?

Well, I just have to make it a priority. But it’s hard when my mom is always around. She’s strict and still treats me like I’m 15. Like, if I’m still not sleeping by 1 A.M., she’ll take my computer so I can’t be on it all night.”

I’m sorry Justin, but you are only 16. There might be a reason that your mom still treats you like you’re 15.



One thought on “bieber fever

  1. But you should get really excited…He has a movie coming out!! I know, it’s hard to contain yourself right now, right? And as if that’s not enough the movie will be in 3-D, so that hair will seem…oh gosh I can’t even continue. Are you sick yet?

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