Tonight instead of cooking, I opted for Chinese. My favorite thing about the food really isn’t the food, it’s the fortune cookie. I lost my fortune (wonder what that means) but I do remember that it involved being “radiant” and one sentence said “share your happiness with others.” A friend said I should blog about the fortune, but I couldn’t really think of what I’d say… how do I share my happiness with others? Am I even so happy that others notice?

Here is what I decided: I’ll share with you a few things that make me happy, and maybe through my happiness, you will find your own!

1. My amazing family and friends that are like family.

2. My job, where I get to do fun things every day.

3. My roommate (and also her cat, Betty. Betty is crazy, but she makes our house a home)

4. My window unit in the summer and my heated mattress pad in the winter (I never thought these kinds of things would rank this high)

5. Sledding (this is a recent discovery)

6. Eye shadow

7. Traveling. Mainly flying… I used to hate flying, but now I dream about the next time I’ll travel somewhere.

8. Cheesy quotes. I’m always looking for them. No matter how cheesy, they are always true.

9. Laughing. And now I’ll share a #8:

“Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath, And if you have a friend who makes you laugh, spend lots and lots of time with them.”

10. Red clothing. Tonight I bought a new red pea coat 🙂

11. My Auburn Snuggie. War Eagle!!!

12. Magnolia blossoms, sushi, leaves, painting, photography, & coffee (all from my Facebook interests/info)

13. Chapstick. I am a fool about chapstick.

14. Having friends that you can talk to with ease, even if it’s been months since you last talked.

15. Mushrooms. I don’t ever get tired of them.

16. Downloading 1 random song on iTunes each week.

17. Personal blogs. (There are some that are better than mine…if you can imagine that)

18. Reading a good book. Libraries and book stores fall into this category as well.

19. Floral prints & anything with birds.

20. Handwritten letters

The list goes on an on… these are just a few!

What things make you happy?


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