First things first, War Eagle. War Eagle all the way from Ohio. (If you didn’t hear, Auburn is #1 in the BCS)

Secondly, I must gush over what a great two weeks it’s been! It started with E and I hopping in the car and heading to Auburn for the Auburn vs. Arkansas game. I will share pictures:

Sidenote: I promise I changed clothes throughout the weekend. Somehow, we only took pictures after the game.

So glad I got to see my friends : )

We even got to go to the game! It was really the best way I could have started my birthday celebration.

This week, my wonderful friends in Ohio came to happy hour at the local mexican restaurant to celebrate my birthday.

This is the only picture I have (that was tagged to me on FB, and I promptly untagged). It is awful, but I will share it just for giggles.

E’s sister was in town this week/weekend, and it was wonderful to meet her and hang out! They definitely spoiled me for my birthday. Her sister is an amazing cook, and cooked for us on her vacation!  Best birthday I’ve had so far from home!


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