happy birthday to me

So I just remembered that my AL license expires tomorrow (on my birthday) which just so happens to be a Sunday (when everything is closed). The reason I forgot is because I just got a new license a year and a half ago because someone stole mine, so I thought I still had a few years. I tried to do the responsible thing and go to get an Ohio license this morning ( 8 am on a Saturday= not fun); however, the man told me I would have to go to a different location to take the written test. Not a big deal, except I have to have my social security card (which I don’t have because we just moved). Because my license expires tomorrow, if I go next week to get an Ohio license, I have to pay for a temporary permit (yes, like I’m 15) pay to take the written AND driving test (and actually take the driving test, which I would probably fail), and then pay for a regular license.

We can go ahead and all agree that this is incredibly ridiculous.


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