What a great weekend!

Friday night E and I went to a play in a small town outside of Columbus to see one of her friends perform. It was nice to get out of the big city (haha) for a few hours and see what small town Ohio is like! The play was awesome! The best part was E losing her chapstick to an old lady at the end of the night. When we got home, our neighbors invited us over to hang out. Thrilled doesn’t even begin to touch on how I feel– we finally have some friends in our neighborhood! (That is, if we didn’t ruin it by having a heated discussion about football with someone at their party).

Saturday, we decided to do it up big for game day (I’ve decide that while I’m in Columbus, I won’t become a Buckeye, but I should participate in events like tailgating). It’s been a little difficult figuring out how E and I would get to campus on Saturday mornings, because we live close enough to walk, but walking back at night isn’t exactly optimal. This weekend, we rode a tandem bicycle that one of our coworkers let us borrow. 

It was the perfect solution! We looked hilarious at first, because we couldn’t get in sync, but after E took control and started hollering out  commands, we were fine! On the way home, we were about to make a left hand turn, and she yelled, “Put your left arm out, now!” As if seeing two girls decked out in red, grey, and black (with buckeye beads, too) on a tandem bike wasn’t enough, I’m sure my putting my arm out to turn really was the cherry on top. SBL has video footage of us taking off from the tailgate. Hopefully I’ll be able to post it soon!

Now for football. #1 Alabama lost. While it’s exciting (I guess) that someone was able to beat them, I am not really excited. This isn’t good… everyone is going to have something to say about Alabama losing and OSU being #1! On the upside, Auburn won (by the skin of their teeth)! Hooray for being 6-0. They totally deserve it in my Auburn-biased opinion. In the words of SBL, “It’s ok that this game was so close. They will just have to regroup, practice this week, and totally smash whoever they are playing next weekend.” ( She said this in front of E, who is an Arkansas fan. It just so happens that Auburn plays Arkansas next weekend! ) That’s right, SBL they will just have to totally smash whoever they are playing net weekend : ) War Eagle!

Now for Sunday-funday. I’m off to walk and take pictures! The leaves here are just beautiful, and I am anxious to get some good shots. Hope your weekends were just as wonderful as mine!


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