don’t wake me if I’m dreaming

I came across this song earlier. I was able to download it on itunes for 69 cents… I guess Thriving Ivory isn’t that popular.

I listen and definitely think of junior year of college– the hardest year, but the year that everything was so right. I can literally smell darkroom chemicals, hear youtube music videos, feel how wonderful it felt to ride around after work was finished, football games, best friends & being on the hall. Tonight, for a change, I’ll dream of junior year. Back to the year that I had an amazing time,  not worrying about classes as much because there was always another year, just in case I failed.

It’s funny… if you asked me my junior year of college what song I thought would make me think of my time that year, I definitely would not have picked this one…. I know I have at least one friend who would expect this to be ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift.

angels on the moon


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