good grief

I found out in the past week just how  addicted to being connected I am. As much as I’m not so impressed with my Blackberry, I have to admit, I wouldn’t have made it without it!

Funny enough, I’ve actually missed blogging more than Facebook or Twitter.

Some highlights from the past week that I haven’t been able to blog about:

– Em and I have finally grown tired of people asking us where we are from. Yes, we understand we sound different. We are currently trying to think of good come-backs. It’s not like we are from Mexico… we do speak English.

– I found out Em’s first email address was Don’t ask me who this person is I’m living with. I also found out one of my other good friend’s first email addresses was Apparently I missed out on the whole rusty email thing.

– If you laugh too hard in Five Guys, little boys will judge you and the manager might “threaten” to kick you out.

– Grandview Heights is the most wonderful place in all of Columbus (Besides the North Market). Mostly because of the multitude of bars/pubs/restaurants/stores within walking distance of my house.

– There are some nice* people here. Like, for instance, the nice guy who found a desk for me, at a reasonable  price, in 24 hours.

– I discovered I am the most awful Auburn fan ever. Like seriously. I didn’t even know they played tonight. Well, I did, I’ve just been so busy I kind of forgot it was Thursday.  I did upgrade our cable package so I could make sure to be able to see them play… Does that add points back to my fan scale? Weagle Weagle! (maybe I’m just in denial that I’m so far away, even though we all know denial isn’t cute.)

-I’ve moved and started a new job. Now I just need to get married and have quintuplets to make my life a little more simple.

– My new favorite show is Gossip Girl.

I guess that’s it… so excited to be back!

*nice in the midwest means actually acknowledging another’s presence– either by saying Hello, or just making eye contact.


One thought on “good grief

  1. Love that you are settling in! Only a few more weeks and I will get to see you again! And you are not an awful Auburn fan…you are just becoming a Buckeye fan!

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