cruisin’ (Porsche style)

So my friend Emily drives a cute little Porsche. We cruise around Columbus with the windows down, wind in our hair, no cares in the world. All the guys cheer (at the car, not us) as we drive by, and life is generally good. In the Porsche you can always find (or make) a parking space. Last night was one of those make-a-space nights. We went down to the Short North for Gallery Hop and drove around for 20 minutes before we finally found a teeny tiny spot between two cars on a random road off of High Street. There was no question from Emily as to if she could do it. I, on the other hand, sat in my seat gasping every time she moved the slightest bit. In the end, she made it, with only .0000015 inches to spare.

Professional parking at it’s finest:


2 thoughts on “cruisin’ (Porsche style)

  1. Em drives that car like a pro, as I grip the seats the whole time! Love it!

    I was so looking forward to Em driving up in it when she comes home in a few weeks. Then DUGH!! she is flying. Kind of made me sad.


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