best weekend

It could easily be said that this weekend was one of the best since I’ve been in CBus…

Thursday night, Lucy’s awesome boyfriend showed up with flowers:

He totally made my weekend and won best boyfriend award.  Maybe when I go visit Lucy at DePauw I’ll take Kyle a bouquet of  Jack Daniels.

Friday I got to see a replica of the Santa Maria! Does anything else really need to be said? I’m sure no one else spent their afternoon aboard a tiny ship with Christopher Columbus/ teen volunteer.

Friday night I got to see Lucy’s sister perform in her high school marching band and have dinner with Lucy’s family. They are the best!

Saturday I shopped all day. Columbus has nooo shortage of malls/shopping. I really meant to make it to the Irish Festival in Dublin, but after a full day, I had to go home and rest.

Saturday night Emily and I experienced our first Gallery Hop! It was so much fun. We browsed in some galleries, shopped in a few stores, and ran into one of her friends who we ended up spending the rest of the evening with. Called it a night with White Castle (where we met a very interesting man who LOVED Emily’s “muumuu” as he called it) and ended the night by hanging out with our friend Doug.

Today I did nothing but watch Star Trek. It was amazing.

From flowers to Star Trek, I basically had the best weekend ever.


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