If I am being honest, I have had two real heartbreaks in my life, and the first was Leo. That’s right, Leonardo DiCaprio.

yes, you read it right…he broke my heart. When I discovered that I wasn’t the only 10-11 year old Leo-crazed  girl writing him love letters and making I ❤ Leo scrapbooks, I died inside. When it fully hit me that we wouldn’t be getting married, I have to admit I cried. Titanic was (and still is if I am being honest) my favorite movie. I was in a Titanic play in fourth grade. I was Rose. I wore the necklace, I sang the song. I was into it. So you can imagine the twinge  of heartache I felt when I saw Inception tonight. It was an excellent movie. It was thrilling, mysterious and it truly kept me on the edge of my seat. I really enjoyed it until the very end.

…it was, however, a little hard to tell if my heart was racing because of the movie, or because of Leo.


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