where am i?

I can’t remember what city I am in.

This is the thought I had while shopping through Hobby Lobby yesterday. Not weird, I think, because in the past few months I have spent time in multiple cities. For a fleeting second, I felt like I was in Auburn, and then came the twinge of heartbreak when I realized for the fourteenth time that I am not going to be spending much time in Auburn (at least in Hobby Lobby) anymore.

It is weird to think back on my time in college now. It feels like something that has been packed away, put in a box up on a shelf. I’ll get it out and remember things about it here and there, but from now on it’s just a bundle of four years of time I spent with friends, doing homework, having fun and getting a degree.

So I guess it’s good to know when I want to feel like I am back at school  I’ll just have to find the nearest Hobby Lobby and wander around…


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