So it seems like lately, things have really taken off. I’ve made some good friends, Convention is almost here, and more events in Ohio are happening than you can count on your hands and toes. I’ve finally gotten over some of the Auburn homesickness, then Athens homesickness, and I am really truly loving Columbus. I went out with a group of wonderful girls tonight and laughed more than I have in weeks, and it was amazing! We saw Treasure Island in Schiller Park, but by the end of the play, we realized we had goofed off more than we had actually payed attention. To me, nights like these are the best!

Fortunately, because of my amazing friends,  I have a recap of some of the highlights of my week in pictures:

Jenis’ ice cream probation breaking with Lucy and Emily!

The love we share is undeniable.Everyone has such a random pose, but oh well…. it was such a fun night!

Interns here and there.
On my to do list for this weekend: teach Lucy the sorority squat.


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