time for some fun facts about me:

life motto: “You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.” –Colette

(I tend to do foolish things. not on purpose, of course)

favorite color: yellow

favorite letter of the alphabet: Q . it is just so elegant.

random fact: at least one embarrassing thing happens to me daily. (example: I once fell out of a charter bus. we’re talking from the top step to the ground.) I was also the only sober person on the bus. it bruised my back and my ego.

random fact #2: I like black coffee and poached eggs (but I normally scramble eggs because it’s easier)

favorite birds: sparrow (good luck), swallow (good fortune) & bluebird (happiness)

I also like owls because they are the bomb!!!

favorite flower: ranunculus

place I miss:  auburn. war eagle!

ok. enough facts. Just got back to columbus from athens, so I’ve got to get in the bed to prepare for a busy week! we fly out to phoenix in a week (hooray!) and i know there’s lots to get done before then!

goodnight sweet friends!


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