So apparently the secret to getting you to look is to go without posting for a few days. Yesterday I had more hits than I have had in the past few days that I’ve actually written something. Go figure.

Not much has been going on– my absence has been due to illness, so there has been a lack of excitement the past few days. The weather had been awful, but at least work has been busy!

I feel like I’ve watched a ton of movies/tv shows in the past few days. PS I Love you, The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, Fried Green Tomatoes, Penelope,  the Bachelorette week 3, Greek, 10 Things I Hate About You and Secret Life of The Ameican Teenager. I also started on my book, but haven’t gotten very far. If the weather would get better, I would go out to the park and read, but it seems like it’s never going to.

Today at work I have been doing my favorite thing. Cutting foam core. I’ve had thoughts recently of going back to school to get an education background and become an art teacher. I’m still just not entirely sure about the whole design thing. I know this will stir up conversation. Thoughts, anyone?

Until next time,



One thought on “oh.so.busy

  1. Claire,
    You watch alot of shows. I love all the movies you’ve been watching though. P.S I Love You, brings back memories of Ireland.
    Anyways, I have been mounting some stuff at work too, not fun. I think your graphic design work is awesome! but I too have felt like continuing my college career and getting an education degree. Good to see I am not the only one.
    I hope you are still having a blast in Ohio, your blog makes me think you are. Hope you have a GREAT rest of the week!

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