We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are dull, some have weird names and all are different colors— but they exist nicely in the same box.— Source unknown.

I have always thought of myself as Cerulean, but being the color lover I am, I also can’t decide between Razzmatazz, Unmellow Yellow and Wisteria.

As a child, I was the kid who never put the crayons back in their correct place in the box. They always got mixed together, and I never knew where Macaroni and Cheese was when I needed it, or where Tickle Me Pink was when I got ready to color in my ballerina tutu. Not that it was a big deal, because I was constantly grabbing handfuls of crayons and drawing with all of them together. In my mind, all of the colors went very well together. ( I still feel that way. Being monochromatic is not my thing.)

I feel the same way about people. Why would I want to be around a crayon box full of Ceruleans, full of Wisterias? I wouldn’t. I need some diversity. Some Mac and Cheese, some Unmellow Yellow, some Inchworm Green here and there. I love diversity. I celebrate diversity. I love to live in my crazy crayon box world.

(quote courtesy of love quotes on laughter.)


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