That’s right. Taco Tuesday. Lucy (the roomz) and I decided Tuesdays from here on out were going to be fiesta themed. Thank Heavens, too, because for some reason, today from 4-5 went by a little slower than 60 minutes.  I am still having an incredible amount of fun, but I have had a blip of homesickness, and for a brief moment I wondered what I was doing here. It’s weird for the first time knowing I can’t just hop in my car and drive home for the weekend.

Now, for an entertaining story. Here at headquarters, there is a ghost. She is a nice ghost, and only does harmless things like turn on water. Also, the washer and dryer are in the basement. Picture: Old, haunted building, basement, ghost. Yesterday, while I was home by myself, I also realized how desperately bad I really needed to do laundry. And so you see where this story is headed. I worked up the courage to make it down to the basement arming myself with my huge bottle of laundry detergent (because we all know it protects against ghosts) and managed to wash my clothes, go back up to my apartment, and make it back down to put them in the dryer. However, by the time I came back to get them out of the dryer, it had started storming, and I just couldn’t go back down in the basement again. I decided to go to the top of the stairs, make sure the dryer had stopped so HQ wouldn’t catch on fire, and come back in get them later when Lucy would come with me. So eleven hours later, after talking her into coming with me, I walked down to get my laundry to find…. THE DRYER ON. I GRABBED MY LAUNDRY AND RAN ( and also freaked Lucy out).

I did not sleep last night. I convinced myself and Lucy that Pinky, the ghost, had decided that my clothes were not yet dry so she just turned the dryer back on for one more cycle.

Found out this morning that the dryer doesn’t turn off if you set it on a particular cycle.


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