summer. columbus. real world. life. bubble tea.

so this is for everyone who has texted, called, messaged, imed, and questioned me about my internship and i have not responded. sorry!

i’ve promised to blog about my summer experience and so heeere I go. basically,in three words: it is amazing. (so far) i’ve finished my second day today and while i still feel a little lost, everyone is incredibly nice and they keep telling me over and over how glad they are that i am here and that things will get much easier as the weeks go by.

today, i learned a lot about my chapter’s history. it is incredible to me that i went through four years of kappa, and never once bothered to look at the names on our charter or ask about our founding members. each chapter has an interesting story to tell! girls, ask about your chapter! find out your history! there are history books that women have taken many many years to put together. read them.

today, i also tried bubble tea. bubble tea is like reason number 12 that i am not moving back to alabama any time soon. it is hard to describe, but it is green tea with tapioca pearls at the bottom that you suck through the straw when you drink the tea. in any case, it’s delicious and amazing, and keeping me here in columbus.

speaking of trying new things, i’ve had excellent greek food and pad thai since i’ve been here. there is food everywhere. i am going to have to fight to stay smaller than the size of the side of a barn.

my favorite thing i’ve done so far is go to the north market with my roommate (who is from columbus and absolutely AMAZING) to buy fresh produce and fresh cut flowers. apparently every saturday they have a farmers market outside and farmers come and sell produce out of the back of their trucks. i swear this city was made just for me!

this week only like 16 people have asked me where i was from. it seems my accent makes me stand out. who would have ever thought? i’ve already managed to say  “y’all”, “might could”, and “fixin’ to.” the cashier at kroger gave me the most awful look when i typed in my customer number. he said, “what are you doing in ohio?” as if no one from alabama ever lived here before. for all those who were worried i would come back a yankee, y’all do not fear. i’m not fixin to.


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