I. almost. died. today. That’s right, I was inches away. If every one hadn’t screamed my name, I’d be as flat as a pancake in the road by Grafton Street. Apparently, I haven’t learned to look both ways before crossing the street. Thankfully I was also wearing my bright red-orange trench… fashionable and lifesaving. Did the Book of Kells Tour today at Trinity College, which was amazing. The Long Room was ballin outta control… it’s definitely something I could forsee having in my future home. The Print Museum was fun, but it was on the way back that I almost died, which had a negative effect on my experience. Had McDonalds on Grafton St… first Big Mac ever, then went back to the hellstel (hostel in which I now have a room without a bathroom) and rested for two minutes before heading to the Guiness Storehouse. I almost got run over again, but by this time I was used to it. Thankfully, everyone held my hand while I crossed the street the rest of the way. We took a horse and buggy on the way home to avoid having to cross the road. Guiness was amazing. It was a perfect exhibition, but even beyond that, I had no idea that so many details were thought out before brewing brewskis. Tasted a sample and made my way to the tower at the top that overlooks Dublin. Learned that the Guiness Book of World Records originated by way of Guiness. WHILD. I know.  Tomorrow is New Grange, which means we will actually see green fields and maybe sheep! Be back tomorrow with more exciting stories!


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