things I forgot I learned… things I learned continued…

9. If you walk on the sidewalk with your hands swinging, you will get your arm ripped off. I don’t know this from experience, but there have been a few close calls. The double-decker bus drivers drive like they are driving a little convertible. CRAZY. They also drive right next to the sidewalk, on the wrong side of the road… and there is no curb.

On this same note, DO NOT under any circumstances follow anyone crossing the street, unless you want to be turned into a pancake. Cars do not stop for pedestrians. It is obvious that pedestrians do not have the right-of-way.

10. Irish people talk with wonderful accents, but there are many that are originally from the states. When you have conversations with them, their accents immediately change. It is hard not to laugh.

11. Irish tv is the best.

12. Bap bread is the best.

13. Architecture wise, my church is seriously slacking. The Cathedrals here are INCREDIBLE. I do think I would have a hard time paying attention, though.

14. Coke costs $3, but tonight my wine was included with my meal… the states could learn something from these Irish people.

15. I have realized how much we waste at home. It is sort of scary to see how much I can really live without. Sinks are smaller and showers and toilets use less water.

16. It is incredibly hard to find water to drink. If you don’t buy it in a bottle or at a restaurant you can’t really get it… there are no water fountains anywhere… it’s really odd.

There are probably more things I forgot that I learned, but it’s so hard to think back on the day when you are this tired. I promise I won’t have 3 posts a day from now on… it’s difficult when I am in a completely different time zone, exhausted, and have no idea what day it is.


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