So there’s a lot more to say about Ireland than I have time to type, but I’ll try to tell as much as I can before I have to leave again. We got to the hostel yesterday morning around 7:30  am ( 1:30 am my time). Places in Ireland don’t open until around 10 am, so we walked around forever. The coolest thing we saw yesterday was Trinity College. You walk through the front gate into a large courtyard, and you can’t hear any of the noise from the street. It’s really magnificent, because the street is VERY loud. It was really suprising to see green grass in the courtyard, and apparently it stays green all year-long. Our hostel is hilarious… it’s they tiniest room I’ve ever seen… there’s only enough room for a twin bunk bed. I definitely feel very helpless… it’s difficult to order some things at restaurants and talk to people here because everything is so different. Anyway, we are about to go to Christchurch Cathedral, so I have to go! More posts coming soon…..


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