My friend, Ian

So I am taking this post to introduce my BFF, Ian. No, Ian isn’t her real name, but that is what I call her, and for these purposes this is how I will refer to her. Ian and I shared a very fun dinner tonight. After a day that left me feeling tired and down in the dumps, Ian drove me to Opelika so we could have a super special friend-date at Cracker Barrel. We laughed so hard I cried, talked seriously about life, and about fell out of our chairs when a man came walking in with sweatpants, tall white socks, and black sandals. It was decided he probably just wanted to be comfortable, and the fashion police let him off with a warning look. We both ordered food that was on our strict Spring Break diet (we would hate to look bad in our string bikinis when we get to Panama City) and played that golf tee game. Ian won, and now she gets to talk about it for two weeks. The smell of the fire, comfort of the food, and our sweet judgmental waitress were all it took to lift my spirits! After we ate, Ian and I walked around the store, bought tons of candy, chatted it up with the cashier, and ran quickly to the car after he told us to, “Be careful.”  My favorite part of the evening was the ride back to Auburn, belting out Celine at the top of our lungs, not saying much else, because it seems like Celine says it all… at least all of what is worth saying. Tonight I have again realized God knew I needed Ian. All of this to say, if you have a friend half as wonderful as Ian give her a big hug and tell her you love her. If you don’t , I’m really sorry, I’m sure you could find one at the Sleep Inn somewhere…


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